Xerox Phaser Image Drum Reset (Infinite Re-setter) Chip Tool for 1010 1010ST 2101 2100ST 13R587 13R00587 Printers

Buy This Chip Reset Counter Instead of the Entire Xerox Drum Cartridge and Save $$$

E-ValuBoard! introduces our International E-Z image drum reset kit. With our 3 step kit below you will be able to reset your own drum counters for pennies on the dollar. The infinite re-setter is economic savings in the future. Just slide the drum chip into the re-setter coupling connection. Slide the switch and wait until the green LED light is turned on. You now have reset your counter to new condition, its that easy.

We offer this kit for only $77.50+$15.00 shipping=$92.50 to all international countries

For international shipments the $15.00 shipping fee included here will be used to cover additional expenses such as insurance, confirmation, and customs taxes. We reserve the right to cancel and void the transaction if we cannot ship to your country. If for any reasons we have to terminate a transaction the customer is guaranteed their money back. This may take up to 3 weeks (but usually sooner) to clear customs so please be patient for arrival. Item will be provided tracking information to PayPal email or to email requested upon shipment (within 4 day handling time).

We also offer this kit for numerous other printers (please click this link to find index of supported printers).

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$92.50 Infinite Recharger Kit

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How to Use Your Drum Reset Chip Tool

Step 1. Slide on your used Xerox Drum Chip

Step 2. Flip on the reset switch.

Step 3. Wait for green light to come on. Release the reset switch, and you've now reset your Drum Chip. Store your "Infinite Xerox Drum Re-setter" for next time. Install your recharged chip.

The infinite re-setter kit utilizes (3) 11.6mm AG10 equivalent watch batteries (batteries included) which will last for years without replacement, but these batteries can be bought 8 in a pack from your dollar store for just a dollar. So maintenance of this kit is indefinite and cheap.

Questions & Answers FAQ


Q.  How long does it take to reset with the kit after the switch is turned on?

A.  About 3 seconds the green LED light indicates a successful programming. If this does not occur than the root cause is most probably poor contact to the chip re-setter.


Q. What happens if the reset switch is left on and do I have to turn it back off after utilization?

A. This can't happen as the reset switch is a spring loaded momentary switch, once you let go of the switch slider it will deflect to initial off condition. Saving the battery for future use


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